Agriculture Equipment Maintenance and Service in Spain

In nearly all agricultural operations, machinery is used. The process inevitably depends to a certain extent on the machinery, regardless of the type of activity and its degree of automation, whether it is a vehicle driven by a driver controlling the controls from a cabin (e.g. a tractor, a combine harvester, or a forklift), whether it is a fixed machine operating utilizing a tractor power take-off or electricity, water or manually. 

The growing environmental concern and the urgent need to produce food in quantity and quality in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner put the agri-food sector at the centre of society.

Here is the list of companies that provide agricultural equipment maintenance and services in Spain.

Agrosap. Innovation at the service of the field

This business specializes in guidance systems, agricultural GPS, helicopters, and field-applied emerging technology. To perform specific tasks and to complement the agronomic decision-making process in Spain, they integrate modern technology to operate at the foot of the story. They provide agricultural services such as Precision Farming, Vehicle Positioning System, AgroSAP Drone Service, Dronsap Agriculture Drone Services, Efficiency Maps Management, Crop Status Maps Management, and they put the farmer’s scope into the most modern agricultural technology in Spain, Trimble Agriculture.

They have GPS for agriculture and GPS for tractors to be more adventurous. These goods boost the productivity of farms and increase investment returns.

Precision agriculture | Agriculture and food | SGS Spain

This company’s services provide farm managers with the comprehensive knowledge required to make informed choices and optimize production. They include agricultural uses such as chemical soil mapping, variable lime/gypsum rate distribution, macro factor analysis and traceability, satellite images/NDVI, soil potential (different crops) for field variability control, lawn cultivation techniques (depth and type), fertilizer guidance (variable-rate application) and VRT fertilization zone management.

SmartRural. Smart agriculture

SmartRural is an organization committed to enhancing, through information and communication technology (ICT), the quality and profitability of agricultural operations in Spain. SmartRural is often referred to as smart farming.

For the agriculture industry, they developed the first Internet—a specially designed GPS farm guidance system for spreading and herbicide applications. Analyze patterns, watch your harvest, water quality, and your irrigation system. Machine to Machine (M2M) & Internet of Things (IoT) and BIG DATA Applications are also available.

Agrodrone. Drones applied to agriculture.

Precision agriculture to maximize agricultural capital with trained drones. Specializing in utilities and the use of remote and nearby sensors to evaluate crop vegetative growth and water status, as well as soil farming capacity. Operation of competent drones for agriculture.

Multispectral and thermal aerial images are used to crop charts. They also do Mapping for soil research. Geophysical magnetism sensors are used for mapping agricultural soils.

Heaven. Drones, Mapping, and data analysis.

A company that, thanks to the ability to process data in the cloud and the use of intelligent drone technology, offers digital solutions to the industry in Spain. Their agricultural goods and services include modern agricultural plant-to-plant services, digitizing your fields, minimizing your crop costs, the production to the optimal quality standard, and optimizing your harvest logistics.

SKYDRON. Professional drones for precision agriculture

From the beginning, we have been operating in this field with the inclusion of infrared or thermographic thermal cameras in our professional drones, allowing us to provide all these services in the Spanish territory—pasture and crop surveillance with professional drones in Spain.

Inagrosa. Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging

Measurement and assessment of parameters related to crop growth and their application in the agricultural world in decision-making. For this, using professional drones, we have remote sensing technology and geographic information systems.

Inagrosa works with companies highly developed in this type of technology in Spain, Argentina, and the United States, enabling entrepreneurs, technicians, and farmers to offer this innovative service.

Smart Flight. Drone Technology

To facilitate the practice of Smart Agriculture, Smart Flight makes DRON technology accessible to farmers and agricultural technicians. They can analyze the state of the crops, using the multispectral and thermographic sensors carried by their professional drones. In this way, at the time we make the flight, we can locate, quantify, and determine any stressful situation that happens in the crop/plot. With this data, maps and agronomic recommendations are generated to try to maximize and homogenize the productivity of the property, as well as improve the production quality and reduce the costs of cultivation.

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