Holiday House Pricing in Costa Brava

Housing is also a problem when it comes to planning for the holidays. It is necessary to choose the perfect accommodation to guarantee a hassle-free holiday. A wide variety of luxurious villas are available for short or long term rent on the Costa Brava. Enjoy the best facilities for your holidays on the Costa Brava, either on the wild coast or even in the Catalan countryside.

Choosing a luxurious villa for your holiday means supplying you with premium facilities in an exclusive setting. You will pick the facilities that best fit your needs with a pool, spa, tennis court, or home employees.

Find the cabin of your dreams near points of interest for all budgets, but mostly close to the most stunning beaches of the Costa Brava. Discover outstanding seasonal rentals for a special visit, whichever sort of holiday you are looking for in sports or relaxing mode. With a whirlpool, a river, a beach, it is indeed a place to spend your vacation too.

As a couple, there is a holiday home for any desire, for friends or relatives. Enjoy an authentic and conventional stay with the requisite equipment in an exceptional setting. And now, houses are particularly suited to people with limited mobility and provide access to Wi-Fi to those who are unable to disconnect entirely.

Costa Brava holiday house price rises.

Over the years, there is an and increase in the price of a holiday house in Spain, particularly in Costa Brava. The cost of dwellings fluctuated during the year 2008-2015 but is gradually increasing as the years go by. Holiday house prices are still below the peak rate seen before the financial recession, considering the price hikes in the past four years.

Prices depend on the season you visit.

Owing to its geographical position, relative to other coastal regions in Spain, the Costa Brava does not suffer excessive high temperatures. The town, however, offers a multitude of tourist attractions in the peak season. Compared to August, prices in September are between 40 and 50 per cent cheaper, with the first three weeks of the month acting as the high season for this region.

Types of houses Costa Brava offers

  • Rural Houses: When you want to be far from the frenzy of the suburbs, rural houses are fit for you. Inauthentic settings, these houses allow you to spend a holiday surrounded by nature.
  • Luxury Houses: You can stay and enjoy total freedom in exceptional homes. For a stay that satisfies your needs, the high-end chalets welcome you and your family. These houses are distinct from luxurious villas by their authenticity and absolute beauty by refined decorations.
  • Houses for groups: Discover holiday homes for parties of great capacity for special events or literally to gather all of your loved ones for a stop on the Costa Brava. If it is for a reception, a birthday, or just a family visit, several houses welcome you to please everyone with the requisite equipment. 

Holiday home with private pool

A pleasant comfort that should not be deprived of is renting a cabin with a private pool. You can choose from a vast number of rural houses with baths, either outdoor or indoor pools, enclosed or insulated. You can enjoy the sun on a deckchair and above all, enjoy a warm and fun moment by the pool without leaving your home.

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