Price of Holiday Homes When You Travel in Spain

Spain, as a vacation destination, very popular and very in demand. During the year 2019, the country received almost 80 million visitors, which is higher than in 2018, and that is according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE). This means that the number of people travelling to Spain has risen as the years go by. The information listed below will somehow give people an idea of how much it would cost them to rent Holiday houses for their vacation.

The price range for a rental house in Spain is usually around EUR 976 (£ 829). During the peak seasons that is generally from July until August, the usual average price is EUR 1074 (£ 913) for all the travel destinations, while it is EUR 888 (£ 755) for the offseason. The tip is that you can save a lot when you travel during the off-season.

The comparison between cities

Mallorca, Costa Verde, and Ibiza are the priciest destination when it comes to renting a holiday home this season. Although there are significant variations between the three, the cost of a week’s visit for Ibiza is EUR 4021 (£ 3418), EUR 1632 (£ 1387) in Mallorca, and EUR 1189 (£ 1011) in the area of Costa Verde. These values are pricier than most of the destinations. Meanwhile, Tenerife, Costa de Almeria, as well as Costa Calida, are the cheapest destinations for holiday rentals. Throughout the season, the average prices for these vacation homes are lower than the usual price. 

Tenerife place has the lowest difference between the costly and cheap travel days during peak season in holiday rental rates. However, travelling to Costa Dorada will result in a significant difference in the price of the accommodation: expensive summer week on Costa Dorada can cost hundreds more compared to the ones with cheap rates. Those who choose to fly to Costa Brava and Fuerteventura should also pay heed to the holiday time they choose the vacation rental rates for weeks of peak season. The best prices in the shoulder season are on Costa de Almeria, Costa Calida, and Tenerife. Ibiza, Mallorca, and Costa Verde are again considered costly destinations at that same time.

Overall, out of the 17 destinations in Spain, Ibiza is the most pricey way to fly to Spain this summer. Furthermore, with the most expensive car rentals, sports, everyday shopping, Ibiza is also at the top of the list and is one of the priciest city for dining out. We’ll see Lanzarote and Tenerife on the other side of the price spectrum. These islands have the lowest average of all destinations, particularly for rentals, for their transportation, and eating outside while not offering the cheapest rates overall in many categories. 

Cities to visit if you are on a tight budget

The Costa Blanca, the Costa Calida, and the Costa de Almeria also give substantial cash value. According to Mike from Tilers Wollongong, especially appealing are the costs of renting on Costa Calida as well as in Costa de Almeria. However, Costa Blanca provides very competitive rates renting cars, sports, and dining out. 

For holiday rentals in the summer of 2020, Costa de Almeria is the most affordable destination of all. She is sometimes forgotten in favour of Costa del Sol while Costa Blanca, this secret gem along the Spanish coastline provides annual holiday rates of an average of EUR 4722. 

Of all the destinations surveyed, Costa de Almeria provides the lowest rates for renting during holidays during the season. For four adults, when you stay for a week during August, it costs only EUR 531 (£ 451), which means you will save EUR 1928 (£ 1639), which is lower than the average price on one of the most popular destinations for the same time.

Decide where you want to go. Whether it’s the cheapest or the most expensive ones, the most important thing is that you enjoyed your vacation.

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