Price of Holiday Homes When You Travel in Spain

Spain, as a vacation destination, very popular and very in demand. During the year 2019, the country received almost 80 million visitors, which is higher than in 2018, and that is according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE). This means that the number of people travelling to Spain has risen as the years go by. The information listed below will somehow give people an idea of how much it would cost them to rent Holiday houses for their vacation.

The price range for a rental house in Spain is usually around EUR 976 (£ 829). During the peak seasons that is generally from July until August, the usual average price is EUR 1074 (£ 913) for all the travel destinations, while it is EUR 888 (£ 755) for the offseason. The tip is that you can save a lot when you travel during the off-season.

The comparison between cities

Mallorca, Costa Verde, and Ibiza are the priciest destination when it comes to renting a holiday home this season. Although there are significant variations between the three, the cost of a week’s visit for Ibiza is EUR 4021 (£ 3418), EUR 1632 (£ 1387) in Mallorca, and EUR 1189 (£ 1011) in the area of Costa Verde. These values are pricier than most of the destinations. Meanwhile, Tenerife, Costa de Almeria, as well as Costa Calida, are the cheapest destinations for holiday rentals. Throughout the season, the average prices for these vacation homes are lower than the usual price. 

Tenerife place has the lowest difference between the costly and cheap travel days during peak season in holiday rental rates. However, travelling to Costa Dorada will result in a significant difference in the price of the accommodation: expensive summer week on Costa Dorada can cost hundreds more compared to the ones with cheap rates. Those who choose to fly to Costa Brava and Fuerteventura should also pay heed to the holiday time they choose the vacation rental rates for weeks of peak season. The best prices in the shoulder season are on Costa de Almeria, Costa Calida, and Tenerife. Ibiza, Mallorca, and Costa Verde are again considered costly destinations at that same time.

Overall, out of the 17 destinations in Spain, Ibiza is the most pricey way to fly to Spain this summer. Furthermore, with the most expensive car rentals, sports, everyday shopping, Ibiza is also at the top of the list and is one of the priciest city for dining out. We’ll see Lanzarote and Tenerife on the other side of the price spectrum. These islands have the lowest average of all destinations, particularly for rentals, for their transportation, and eating outside while not offering the cheapest rates overall in many categories. 

Cities to visit if you are on a tight budget

The Costa Blanca, the Costa Calida, and the Costa de Almeria also give substantial cash value. According to Mike from Tilers Wollongong, especially appealing are the costs of renting on Costa Calida as well as in Costa de Almeria. However, Costa Blanca provides very competitive rates renting cars, sports, and dining out. 

For holiday rentals in the summer of 2020, Costa de Almeria is the most affordable destination of all. She is sometimes forgotten in favour of Costa del Sol while Costa Blanca, this secret gem along the Spanish coastline provides annual holiday rates of an average of EUR 4722. 

Of all the destinations surveyed, Costa de Almeria provides the lowest rates for renting during holidays during the season. For four adults, when you stay for a week during August, it costs only EUR 531 (£ 451), which means you will save EUR 1928 (£ 1639), which is lower than the average price on one of the most popular destinations for the same time.

Decide where you want to go. Whether it’s the cheapest or the most expensive ones, the most important thing is that you enjoyed your vacation.


Holiday House Pricing in Costa Brava

Housing is also a problem when it comes to planning for the holidays. It is necessary to choose the perfect accommodation to guarantee a hassle-free holiday. A wide variety of luxurious villas are available for short or long term rent on the Costa Brava. Enjoy the best facilities for your holidays on the Costa Brava, either on the wild coast or even in the Catalan countryside.

Choosing a luxurious villa for your holiday means supplying you with premium facilities in an exclusive setting. You will pick the facilities that best fit your needs with a pool, spa, tennis court, or home employees.

Find the cabin of your dreams near points of interest for all budgets, but mostly close to the most stunning beaches of the Costa Brava. Discover outstanding seasonal rentals for a special visit, whichever sort of holiday you are looking for in sports or relaxing mode. With a whirlpool, a river, a beach, it is indeed a place to spend your vacation too.

As a couple, there is a holiday home for any desire, for friends or relatives. Enjoy an authentic and conventional stay with the requisite equipment in an exceptional setting. And now, houses are particularly suited to people with limited mobility and provide access to Wi-Fi to those who are unable to disconnect entirely.

Costa Brava holiday house price rises.

Over the years, there is an and increase in the price of a holiday house in Spain, particularly in Costa Brava. The cost of dwellings fluctuated during the year 2008-2015 but is gradually increasing as the years go by. Holiday house prices are still below the peak rate seen before the financial recession, considering the price hikes in the past four years.

Prices depend on the season you visit.

Owing to its geographical position, relative to other coastal regions in Spain, the Costa Brava does not suffer excessive high temperatures. The town, however, offers a multitude of tourist attractions in the peak season. Compared to August, prices in September are between 40 and 50 per cent cheaper, with the first three weeks of the month acting as the high season for this region.

Types of houses Costa Brava offers

  • Rural Houses: When you want to be far from the frenzy of the suburbs, rural houses are fit for you. Inauthentic settings, these houses allow you to spend a holiday surrounded by nature.
  • Luxury Houses: You can stay and enjoy total freedom in exceptional homes. For a stay that satisfies your needs, the high-end chalets welcome you and your family. These houses are distinct from luxurious villas by their authenticity and absolute beauty by refined decorations.
  • Houses for groups: Discover holiday homes for parties of great capacity for special events or literally to gather all of your loved ones for a stop on the Costa Brava. If it is for a reception, a birthday, or just a family visit, several houses welcome you to please everyone with the requisite equipment. 

Holiday home with private pool

A pleasant comfort that should not be deprived of is renting a cabin with a private pool. You can choose from a vast number of rural houses with baths, either outdoor or indoor pools, enclosed or insulated. You can enjoy the sun on a deckchair and above all, enjoy a warm and fun moment by the pool without leaving your home.


Cities with the Cheapest to the Most Expensive Home Rentals in Spain

Without a doubt, for a large portion of the population, the summer of this year would be atypical. The coronavirus epidemic has transformed our everyday life due to mobility-related limitations and the closing of establishments. As foreign and European travel bans may persist and hotels may also stay closed, these steps will also impact the holiday season. 

Another alternative that is increasingly in demand by the population when planning vacations is to rent an apartment or a home. The destination primarily depends on personal tastes, but also the price and the budget available. In this context, what are the most popular holiday rental locations? What places will be cheaper?

MadridSeville, and Valencia were the most popular destinations last year. The city of Conil de la Frontera is ranked fourth, followed by Malaga, Barcelona, Granada, Marbella, Chiclana de la Frontera, and Cádiz. Some destinations, on the other hand, have become increasingly popular and indicate a demographic shift towards coastal areas: Alicante, Asturias, Málaga, Vizcaya.

The price is one of the key concerns when renting an apartment for the holidays. HomeToGo’s outlook for this year is that holiday rentals in parts of the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands will be cheaper for a typical week in July. In the Balearic Islands, the resorts with a more affordable price will be.

The most costly and cheapest places on the Spanish coast and the average spending per week will stand at 755 euros in 2019 (an improvement of 0.6 per cent relative to 2018). The areas with the most expensive rentals with a price above EUR 1,200 per week were Puerto Banús and Marbella, Pontevedra, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Cádiz, Barcelona, Hondarribia, and Guipúzcoa or Gerona.

Lugo, Valencia, Muros (La Coruña), Mogán, and the Canary Islands, on the other hand, were the cheapest regions, with costs varying between EUR 210 and EUR 380 a week.

In the North of Spain

The cheapest places to rent a holiday home will be in Asturias and Cantabria if we want to travel to the north of Spain, although the offer is more costly in Galicia and the Basque Country. For example, the price for a rental on the coast in Suances (Cantabria) will be about EUR 550, compared with EUR 1,360 for an apartment in San Sebastián (Basque Country). However, we can find places like Gorlitz (Vizcaya) in this neighbourhood where to spend the summer for less than EUR 500 a week of rent.

In the Mediterranean

In summer, renting a house on the Mediterranean coast is a smart choice as it provides many options, with the towns of the Valencian Community and Murcia being much cheaper than in Catalonia. Andalusia, on the other hand, has the most costly rents in the entire national region. Specifically, in Puerto Banus (around EUR 2,600 a month) or Costa Ballena (EUR 1,150 per week in Cádiz. However, in municipalities in Almería or the coastal regions of Granada, we can also find more economical alternatives.

The weeks of incarceration have raised the demand for Spanish vacations, and the amount of tourist accommodation available is declining. And the price is getting bigger. Not unexpectedly, Spain is now the country with the most summer hotel bookings in the world at the moment. Therefore, if you are considering fleeing to Spain’s provincial capital this season, these are the priciest and the cheapest. What you need to do is go and look for it.


Agriculture Equipment Maintenance and Service in Spain

In nearly all agricultural operations, machinery is used. The process inevitably depends to a certain extent on the machinery, regardless of the type of activity and its degree of automation, whether it is a vehicle driven by a driver controlling the controls from a cabin (e.g. a tractor, a combine harvester, or a forklift), whether it is a fixed machine operating utilizing a tractor power take-off or electricity, water or manually. 

The growing environmental concern and the urgent need to produce food in quantity and quality in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner put the agri-food sector at the centre of society.

Here is the list of companies that provide agricultural equipment maintenance and services in Spain.

Agrosap. Innovation at the service of the field

This business specializes in guidance systems, agricultural GPS, helicopters, and field-applied emerging technology. To perform specific tasks and to complement the agronomic decision-making process in Spain, they integrate modern technology to operate at the foot of the story. They provide agricultural services such as Precision Farming, Vehicle Positioning System, AgroSAP Drone Service, Dronsap Agriculture Drone Services, Efficiency Maps Management, Crop Status Maps Management, and they put the farmer’s scope into the most modern agricultural technology in Spain, Trimble Agriculture.

They have GPS for agriculture and GPS for tractors to be more adventurous. These goods boost the productivity of farms and increase investment returns.

Precision agriculture | Agriculture and food | SGS Spain

This company’s services provide farm managers with the comprehensive knowledge required to make informed choices and optimize production. They include agricultural uses such as chemical soil mapping, variable lime/gypsum rate distribution, macro factor analysis and traceability, satellite images/NDVI, soil potential (different crops) for field variability control, lawn cultivation techniques (depth and type), fertilizer guidance (variable-rate application) and VRT fertilization zone management.

SmartRural. Smart agriculture

SmartRural is an organization committed to enhancing, through information and communication technology (ICT), the quality and profitability of agricultural operations in Spain. SmartRural is often referred to as smart farming.

For the agriculture industry, they developed the first Internet—a specially designed GPS farm guidance system for spreading and herbicide applications. Analyze patterns, watch your harvest, water quality, and your irrigation system. Machine to Machine (M2M) & Internet of Things (IoT) and BIG DATA Applications are also available.

Agrodrone. Drones applied to agriculture.

Precision agriculture to maximize agricultural capital with trained drones. Specializing in utilities and the use of remote and nearby sensors to evaluate crop vegetative growth and water status, as well as soil farming capacity. Operation of competent drones for agriculture.

Multispectral and thermal aerial images are used to crop charts. They also do Mapping for soil research. Geophysical magnetism sensors are used for mapping agricultural soils.

Heaven. Drones, Mapping, and data analysis.

A company that, thanks to the ability to process data in the cloud and the use of intelligent drone technology, offers digital solutions to the industry in Spain. Their agricultural goods and services include modern agricultural plant-to-plant services, digitizing your fields, minimizing your crop costs, the production to the optimal quality standard, and optimizing your harvest logistics.

SKYDRON. Professional drones for precision agriculture

From the beginning, we have been operating in this field with the inclusion of infrared or thermographic thermal cameras in our professional drones, allowing us to provide all these services in the Spanish territory—pasture and crop surveillance with professional drones in Spain.

Inagrosa. Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging

Measurement and assessment of parameters related to crop growth and their application in the agricultural world in decision-making. For this, using professional drones, we have remote sensing technology and geographic information systems.

Inagrosa works with companies highly developed in this type of technology in Spain, Argentina, and the United States, enabling entrepreneurs, technicians, and farmers to offer this innovative service.

Smart Flight. Drone Technology

To facilitate the practice of Smart Agriculture, Smart Flight makes DRON technology accessible to farmers and agricultural technicians. They can analyze the state of the crops, using the multispectral and thermographic sensors carried by their professional drones. In this way, at the time we make the flight, we can locate, quantify, and determine any stressful situation that happens in the crop/plot. With this data, maps and agronomic recommendations are generated to try to maximize and homogenize the productivity of the property, as well as improve the production quality and reduce the costs of cultivation.